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Once our relationship with Jesus deepens, we begin to learn more about how we are both spiritual and physical beings. We live in two worlds simultaneously, and only the Holy Spirit can properly maintain a healthy balance within us, in ways you may never know you need. There are times the Lord will instantly sift through and heal your thoughts, combating the negative with the Word of God, or even combat it with a remembrance of the times and experiences He has effectively, tenderly, and victoriously carried you through. But then there are those unique times, those times where the only release comes from obediently following Him into privately confiding your feelings, issues, problems, or thoughts to a particular person. To those people whose first thoughts may be to lift you up to your One True Love, or to share things they have learned from the Lord themselves, or to simply be the active listener you need in order to strengthen your patience while the Lord continues to work it all out. And vice versa; sometimes you are specifically equipped to be the person someone comes to. Our reigning Lord does not slumber, He is active and involved in every tiny detail of our life, and only He can successfully nourish our relationships with others, allowing us to receive the miraculous, unique healing actively present and mutually shared when we obediently follow Him into relating and sharing with others. This hidden beauty involved in sharing with others reveals another aspect of Abba, and another revelation regarding the Riches of His Glory. The Great I Am, the Creator of all things, is passionate about relationships. So much so, He had profoundly sacrificed His Son so that He may actively dwell within you: personally relating and privately sharing His love for you!