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Our active, moment by moment relationship with our Savior has shown us the importance of allowing Him to Shepherd us in every single moment. We have already been at that stage where we have learned that we don’t know how to even act, speak, see, understand, nor even breathe without an awareness of His active, thriving presence within us. And we have also painfully and diligently learned that just because it happens, or doesn’t happen, doesn’t always mean His will has come to pass. Yes, it is a long, continuous, but rewarding process because we are learning more about Him, His deeply seated love, His Words, His attentive eyes, His movements, and His timing. And knowing Him, now allows us to be pulled back and shown the subtle wiles of the enemy and the strategic ways he tries to use timing to thwart our Lord’s plans, or to try and wear-down Abba’s children, while also wrongly using others to thwart Jesus’ movements in our lives. No, we didn’t enjoy those tough learning lessons, and we still don’t, but we do see the necessity for them. Because after all we have been through with Him, we know that if we are to speak, we will speak, if we are to stop, we will stop, and if we are to step, we will step, because it is His reign, and no longer ours. And the beauty of it all? We know Him, so if we wrongly think, wrongly hold back, or miss a step, a Divine instruction and lecture will ensue, instructing us in only how the Holy Spirit can and securing our next moment Divinely overseen by Him. Praise Jesus, we live in His timing, and no longer struggle to live in ours.