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Our growing, deepening relationship with Jesus through our own struggles and battles have revealed an amazing life to us, one where we intimately know He will equip us for what we need to be equipped for. However, often times we dangerously expect more from ourselves than what our Savior does. Frustration, heartache, and discouragement is released when we try to control what He has not equipped us to handle. It is vitally important to understand that just because we see an issue or problem, or we intimately “feel” the lack others are spiritually experiencing, does not mean we are the ones He is leading to fix, change, or fill it. Sometimes we are silently encouraged to just standby and miraculously see His Hand intimately working in their lives while showing us how diligently He works within the confines of their right and wrong free-will choices. And yet, other times He may lead us to become the person He is using to help “cushion” their stripping process while He intimately prepares the person to embrace more of Him, by having us inject a simple word of strength and encouragement when they need it. As the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and encourages us to gaze upon Jesus’ handiwork and intimate touches in other people’s lives, it in-turn uniquely confirms His private reign within our own lives, and the miraculous changes He has wrought within us, and profoundly shows us the depth of issues involved when others wrongly think “it is what it is.” All of these things uniquely work at building and strengthening His Divine confidence within us so that we may intimately see how Abba richly sustains us, persistently loves us, and strategically protects us. Actively living under His reign, unleashes His limitless teaching which becomes the soft cushion beneath our feet and the thickening walls surrounding us as we, individually, follow our Shepherd through this world and only handle that which He equips us to handle.