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Through the many trials and experiences we have been individually brought through, we have learned that only Jesus truly knows how to actively live in victory, both physically and spiritually. And as a result, waiting on Him is all we now know and all that we desire because we have learned the importance of actively and obediently waiting for Him to inspire us, move us forward, sift through our thoughts, and to speak that which needs to be spoken. This then will sometimes allow our inner vision to foresee that which is to come, and that particular vision can be so clear that we can actually already feel the effects of it, with the amazing wave of healing and wholeness just ahead. It may even be something that will finally bring our bodies into a peaceful unity with our spirits. However, when that which we have seen has yet to transpire, and time in the flesh continues to go on and on, and on, a frustration can develop. And by only relying fully on Jesus can we “sanely” get through those sometimes painfully harsh times, because we want to grasp what we have seen and we think we are ready for it to happen. However, by us refusing to release our grip on Jesus in order to grasp what we have seen, we continue to obediently wait. And that is when more miraculous events begin to happen and we realize the depth of safeguards Abba has in place in order to keep our future completely out of our wavering hands and securely in His. We also begin to actually enjoy the wait with great expectation of Abba not only unfolding His will and teaching us along the way, but also the Holy Spirit instructing us on things we could never have seen had we not “waited.” And we experience a vital, deepening reliance on Jesus which strengthens our faith, intensifies our awareness of Him, and heals our spiritual eyes and ears allowing us to engage in the fullness of our Abba’s will, moment by moment as it does unfold. This unique, healing dimension of patience uncovers a rare example of His love that is so rich and powerful, it is unheard of and at the same time shows us how He refuses to allow His blessings to be wrongly tainted by us any longer because our futures will stay in His Hands and out of ours!