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Even after we obediently act as our Shepherd guides us to, sometimes things in the flesh just do not change as quickly as we thought they would, nor expected them to. Instead, we find ourselves having extended stays within what we have learned are specifically uncomfortable, or even potentially troubling environments for us. Environments, He would like to victoriously lead us out of. However, there is so much more involved than just leaving, and not only is it another reminder to us that only Abba truly knows what is all involved and happening within our obediently bold step to move forward, following Jesus, but it is also a very crucial time for us. A time where Jesus radically cleanses and heals our mindset in ways we never realized we needed. And in doing this, the Holy Spirit not only continues to build a unique confidence based solely in God, within us, but He also profoundly exposes the vital truth we all need to always be aware of; the truth which will help us to continuously keep a healthy, Divine perspective within our minds: our Abba, the Great I Am, is the Creator of all things (including nature). It is His diligent process which lovingly nurtures our minds in order for us to be able to physically and spiritually, healthily function beyond our limits while keeping us wholly rooted and grounded in Jesus. A mindset more adept to expect and receive what this world deems as impossible, and more able to fully embrace the Riches of His Glory as revealed by the Holy Spirit.