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Confusion, disheartening issues, disillusionment, overwhelming thoughts, things not turning out as we expected them to, uncertainty, and even just an unusual calmness or quietness around us and within us, can become triggers for us to instantly obey our Lord by inwardly focusing on Him. It no longer surprises us as 1 by 1, the questions, problems, wrong thoughts, and anything else blocking His inner peace from us peel away as the Holy Spirit reminds us God is greater than all things and all that truly matters is Him. In fact, we often times find ourselves beginning to actually crave that specifically delicate, loving brush of His presence within our bodies, these living temples of His. But little do we often realize, it is those small practices, moments, and choices we make for Him which profoundly nourishes and strengthens our patience for those bigger, more heartbreaking and “knee-buckling” issues we sometimes encounter in the flesh. These everyday issues and moments where we choose to be more aware of Him than anything else, fortify us in ways nothing else can. And it is through these times that the assurance and knowledge that we will always overcome every issue, circumstance and experience because we actively dwell in His presence, is ingrained within us. Anything and everything, both outwardly and inwardly, can become specific triggers the Lord will use to remind us in the flesh that we actively live under Jesus’ reign and we follow our Shepherd, and not ourselves, nor others. The diligent, loving brush of God’s presence within us is another profound way He allows us to be aware of how He diligently keeps all things we encounter in His Hands and out of ours, so we may continue to be more actively aware of His victory, despite what we encounter in the flesh.