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Hi~ I just wanted to personally let you all know that Protection Series #11: The Driving Force Behind Protection is getting closer to the editing stage, and it looks like as early as the end of next week it will enter into that stage! Praise Jesus!  Thank you all so much for your patience, and I treasure each and every note and comment I have received from you.  I feel led to further share something with you.  To me, I am in awe because it is with great excitement for me to enter the editing stage now, which is a miracle in and of itself.  From the very first book the Lord has released through me, there has always been apprehension and leeriness within me over editing issues; and right away, of course, the Lord has always dealt with them by personally teaching me on how to correctly handle it in each and every moment I would suffer from that. Even going so far as to personally setting up an amazing, Divine network of editors for me to help spot a missed word, misspelled word, extra word, etc. He has me send the books to them for a final read through to catch those issues before they are published. And over the course of these years, He has even taught me a depth on how His love for us is so strong that no matter how imperfect we are, He is still able to always get His word and message through to each one of His beloveds. But being a perfectionist for as long as I can remember, I knew this was something He was wanting to heal in me, and would have to. So obediently, since 2013, I have waited on Him and have acted and handled each issue as He has led me to, and as a result, with each book those feelings have greatly lessened, up until this past Spring when I was fully healed from it! Praise Jesus!!! One day, almost out of nowhere, Abba spoke to me and at the same moment He did, I actually felt every single small, tiny issue leave me and be thoroughly eradicated by Him and His words then fully sealed my healing over that! He said:  ‘I didn’t equip you to write grammar books, I equip you to tell a story.’  SO that being said, AMEN! Let the editing begin! ;)  (next week! lol)