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Becoming easily offended is a major problem, and sometimes it is very sly as it is often overlooked. An offense happens and it will happen. But what we must understand is that sometimes it may never even be meant to be an offense. However, if we wrongly accept the offense this may wrongly propel us to react in a way that actually becomes offensive and can damage rather than heal relationships, situations, circumstances, and even our own vision. Although we may think we know what is actually happening, we must always be reminded that only God truly knows. From the moment we become offended our vision actually becomes cloudy, which then should inevitably remind us to turn within to Him, who reigns. As we do so, it stills our hands from wrongly lashing out, it stills our thoughts from wrongly going on a journey full of destruction, it stills our voices from wrongly speaking over something He may not have equipped us to handle, and it stills our ears from wrongly falling into a destructive trap. As we turn within to Him who reigns, we lift up the offense to Him and then we turn back towards the outside world and proceed forward. We have learned that it may take seconds, minutes, hours, or even days but one thing is very clear to us: we know the Holy Spirit will instruct us in it, over it, and through it in our Abba’s time. And yes, the arrows will fly but each time we are reminded of the offense, well we smile and realize again, that what flows through our minds is not always our thoughts, nor His instruction, there is an enemy seeking to destroy and we may feel the sting, but it certainly will not penetrate us. Because through our various trials and struggles we trust not in ourselves but only ever in our Creator, the Great I Am, who has commanded us:  ‘Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.’ (Psalm 46:10)   Praise Jesus, it is His will we now live by, and no longer ourselves.