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Through our multiple struggles we have learned a richness of His instruction, and we have often found ourselves in a position where we know we can no longer continue on without His fortifying breath actively sustaining us. It is through those unique things we suffer with and deal with, alone in Jesus, that has taught us to no longer strive to figure it all out and instead, self-discipline our minds and decide to enjoy each new moment under King Jesus’ active reign despite what our physical surroundings may attempt to wrongly dictate for us. As a result, we no longer classify things as possible or impossible. The barrier over that division has been Divinely cleared. Instead, through the help of the Holy Spirit, we clearly understand that in this moment He may not be equipping us to handle it but within the next moment He may. Our Shepherd is able to more easily lead us because it is His, the Great I Am, our Creator’s will we now have chosen to actively live by, and the only path we can clearly see.