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Sometimes there are certain things in our life which do not change as quickly as we thought they would. And although we have obediently responded in how Jesus has guided us to, and have handled things as He has equipped us to, we continue to wait at the threshold of change because we must wait on certain things in the flesh to actually happen. The length of time we have stood here, waiting, is no longer being calculated within our minds, and our contentment in waiting on Him is a miracle in and of itself, and speaks of the radical changes He has specifically wrought within us over our deepening relationship with Him. And aside from His numerous teachings which continue to guide us, heal us, and comfort us throughout our wait, on a daily basis, our eyes and arms repeatedly lift up to Abba and thank Him for allowing that which we are waiting for to finally come to pass. But then, we experience a few of those days unlike any before. Because deep within there becomes an urgency which moves us to violently grip a hold of Jesus as our inner eyes intently focus only on the Great I Am while our passionate request flourishes all around us. This diligence and persistence are continual acts of love from us which uniquely and confidently tells Abba:  “I know where I need to go to receive what I have need of and I know it can only come from you, my Abba. You, alone, secures the path on which I follow Jesus while the very breath of yourself nourishes me. Abba, move your Hand and allow it to come to pass!”   We can already passionately see and experience the change before it is manifested in the flesh because our Shepherd has diligently prepared us to receive it.