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As a result of our multiple experiences, encounters, and countless storms, both good and bad, we no longer live on the surface only but have a deeper, richer relationship with our Jesus. While the day to day issues have wrongly tried to steer us farther away from our Shepherd, the Holy Spirit has instead, drawn us closer to Him, so that we can be stripped down bare and rebuilt by Him. Through the process, our roots were intimately exposed, allowing us to privately understand how Jesus is now the very root of us, which has diligently nourished and strengthened us, and has placed us in a position where we find we can only ever, truly rely on God. Miraculously, we now intimately know the victory before we even hear the rumors of a rumbling storm because we are no longer self-reliant, self-motivated, self-driven, and self-taught, but are instead now Divinely motivated, Divinely driven, and Divinely taught.