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Our deeper relationship with Jesus has caused us to sometimes quiet down our outer selves, our outer environment and even our outspoken nature. What was once an openness within us has become way more private to us, and has miraculously changed into being a full-fledged open, limitless communication with Jesus, our Savior. Be it our healing, our concerns, our thoughts, our questions, and even our dreams. Those matters, well, yes we have intimately realized do matter to the Great I Am, and He truly loves us more than anyone else ever could. There is no question, there is no doubt, we are currently and always will be privately nourished by our Creator which allows us to more clearly see how fortified we really are, and how protective He really is. We are finding ourselves only able to be truly nourished and sustained as we choose to be more aware of Jesus than anything else. Nothing else truly matters because through Him, by Him and with Him are all things needed in order to victoriously live. And even when our lives in the flesh appear to become more like a type of holding pattern, or even a parallel step with no real ground successfully covered, which may be the opposite of what we think we need it to become, well most times, those times are a mile forward in the spirit and a much needed, unconscious time of diligent strengthening and preparing so that we will be able to receive that which He needs us to receive the moment He finally does lead us over that next threshold. We follow our Shepherd and we bow to His discernment and every tiny, minuscule moment matters to Abba, our loving Father. He has profoundly established us as overcomers because we actively live under our Savior’s reign.