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The meaning of uncertainties have changed and we no longer find ourselves having a “need to know.” And yes, this knowledge and battle may have changed a long time ago within us, but something now has radically and very significantly changed. It is a deeper, richer experience of it. Our minds have profoundly halted in its search for answers, reasons, or even understanding, while we find ourselves only ever able to inwardly gaze at our Savior in a way that welcomes His Healing, Sacrificial Blood to cleanse, coat, and mold us. We are miraculously at peace in deeply knowing only that “Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could;” and in support of that the Holy Spirit reminds us how He allowed us to understand whatever it is we needed to understand within each and every moment we needed to know and respond to whatever it is we have, are, or am facing. Be it a major physical life changing issue, a profound problem we never expected would come, or even a simple minor irritation. How great, or how small those issues are no longer carries any weight within us and our minds are profoundly at rest and held to rest because our heart is now actively resting in His Active Fortifying Hands.  And that is finally, more than enough for us.