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Our relationship with the Lord has deepened, and it continues to deepen to levels which are more than we could have ever imagined. Wanting Jesus more than anything else has transformed our every day lives into being unique opportunities where we strive to be more aware of Him than anything else. And while facing daily issues, rising challenges, overwhelming heartaches, earth-shattering situations, problems and struggles, the Holy Spirit has painstakingly taught us how we must always first turn within to Jesus, our actively reigning Shepherd. It is how we can do our part in actively nurturing the Mystery of the Gospel, ‘Christ within us.’ And then several months, to even years later, while the raging storms finally begin to dissipate and turn into a remarkable, peaceful calmness releasing an overwhelming volume of successes, blessings, and pleasures, we realize that without further thought our automatic, first response had been to turn within to Him. A profound move on our part because that unique moment of celebration has defied all limits of the flesh, and we finally see the miraculous transformation, the living wholeness, and the Divine protection and security actively thriving and in-existence within our lives. Tomorrow no longer has a hold on us, the uncertainties no longer shades us from His Glory, the doubts are no longer pebbles thrown in our path, instead a profound confidence actively thrives within us and surrounds us. A profound transformation has indeed taken place, the Holy Spirit has trained us, conditioned us, and equipped us to remain steadfast with our Shepherd and well within our Abba’s infinite will. In our Savior’s strength we boldly admire Abba and declare: ‘Thou wilt show me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy Right Hand there are pleasures for evermore.’ (Psalm 16:11)