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The uncomfortable, or uncertain feelings that will occasionally rise up within us, regarding certain things we face, experience or deal with, now has taken on a whole new meaning and interpretation for us as the Holy Spirit instructs us in how to thrive and live within the richness of God’s glory. Through all of the valleys, bends, hills, rocky slopes and painful paths we have been stripped bare, healed, and refreshed in Jesus as we have freely chosen to sacrifice all of our feelings and emotions to our Lord and Savior. This allowed Him to rise us above all things in the flesh, and to heal us from wrongly being led by those same specific feelings and emotions. As this happened, we may have been reminded that those emotions and feelings do have their place in our lives, and He will instruct us on them as we need Him to, we also learned what a beautiful confirmation it was in just how passionately loving our Creator truly is. But now? Well, Jesus is beginning to teach us even more on how these uncomfortable or uncertain emotions and feelings work within our lives, as well as their purpose. We can clearly see how they are indicators and warning signs that our limited minds would like us to remain within the limitations of the flesh, instead of allowing us to accept and embrace the limitless experiences our Abba is desperately wanting to share with us now and forever. We see the blocks, we see the invisible lines drawn, and we see the “boxed in” effect, but we are no longer imprisoned by them. Praise King Jesus, our Shepherd now leads us as the Holy Spirit breathes for us, for that is the only way we can vibrantly live and thrive right where He wants us to. It is only ever, His way, and no longer ours. We are now vibrantly alive only because of Him, our Shepherd, and His ultimate Sacrifice as our Sacrificial Passover Lamb!