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When Jesus becomes your everything, He teaches you how to do anything. Because our relationship with Him has profoundly deepened, we have intimately learned that it is not circumstances we trust, nor is it others, nor is it their responses, their actions, their opinions, or even their wisdom, it is He, our teacher, our Rabboni, working through, in, and with all that we physically, mentally and spiritually experience. Only the Holy Spirit can properly sift through what we are to individually learn, understand, and even embrace as we privately follow our Shepherd on the path our Abba has created for us. And as overcomers, He also intimately teaches us how to create with Him, an environment for us to physically dwell in where not only our minds and spirits will thrive in, but also where our physical bodies will also thrive, heal, and rejoice, glorifying in all that He does. Praise King Jesus, Jesus is our everything, and with Him we surely can do anything.