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After the years we now clearly see were geared towards establishing us as His overcomers, especially the time spent on His beloved threshing floor, every moment that has made up our experiences has nourished us in specific ways. And now with the Holy Spirit having become the very breath we breathe, we are more aware of Jesus than anything else because that is the only way we truly know how to live. So we confidently stand before every issue, including those unknown to us, and no longer waver. Instead, we firmly know that the raging storms must calm, the rocky ground must smooth out, the torrential downpours must ease, the violent waves will not break us, and the rising flood waters will prepare us for a deeper cleansing in Him. Even those jagged hills that were once insurmountable struggles, where we shuddered to even consider climbing, are now victorious opportunities where Abba is able to intimately show us we will accomplish more than what we could have ever imagined. And the once frightening, unexpected valleys, where we dreaded to even enter, are now moments where we know we will become more aware of His loving, healing, sheltering embrace than of the physical ailments and physical struggles we might have to endure. The change? We have fully embraced His reign within us, allowing our perception to be deeply cleansed and richly restored as the unseen, profound beauty of His cross and crown of thorns are an active part of our nourishment, reminding us that Jesus has the victory already well in-hand before we ever even enter the next moment. A richness of His Glory we currently enjoy and relish in all because of Him, Praise King Jesus!