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So many different degrees of our mindset has changed under our Abba’s delicately, persistent and loving Hands. No longer is it all about what we go through, what we have experienced, or even what we may have to deal with. Each and every moment is an amazing moment to become more aware of Jesus than anything else, a warrior training exercise that has developed into a victoriously, abundant and limitless lifestyle. But sometimes there are days that all we can really do is go within to Him and rest while either an apparent commotion, or even a not so apparent commotion happens in the flesh, or even just within our bodies. I am speaking about those unique days our minds seem to be overly stimulated or experiencing a “rushness” which we definitely know is not from our Shepherd, there are so many different types of ways to describe it, it may be as simple as knowing something is just “off.” These are vital experiences in nourishing our intimate relationship with Jesus. Our responses are what either allows us to become more aware of the “commotion” and less aware of Jesus, or more aware of Jesus and less aware of the commotion. It is an irritation, that when privately exposed by the Holy Spirit, is not so irritating because it is a miraculously vital exercise we need to go through in order for Jesus to further clean the unconsciously collected debris and strengthen our awareness of His reign within. Our Shepherd intimately ministers to us, and supplies each and every need we have, and it is not reliant on us “knowing our needs.” At the same time, our response profoundly tells our Abba, I choose you. My Creator, only you can show me how to truly live. My Creator, I love you with every tiny part of me, your name is written within every crevice of this living temple of yours. His response? In so many different amazing ways He basically allows us to know He listens to us. Our Shepherd is acutely aware of us and He listens; He does not even want a tiny pebble to come between us. Praise King Jesus, another reminder for us that we step forward, only in His strength!