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Moment by moment, every day, we intimately converse with King Jesus in every aspect of our lives, and there are so many different situations that the Holy Spirit uses to remind us how profoundly different our lives now are. But it is even more particularly fascinating when we find that we are no longer shaken when sicknesses approach. We understand these living temples of Abba’s do need daily maintenance, and they are affected by their environment, however, we also consciously know that each situation is uniquely different, and even our physical, mental, and spiritual responses to them are different as He intimately guides us through them. But when the time comes, where we must be led through the ailment, well, at even the slightest flicker of awareness of it, our praises immediately rise, and we physically rest our bodies and handle what needs handled as we go through each symptom while we intimately know our Shepherd’s Hands fully guide us towards His healing. Inwardly, we intimately praise and rest within His arms while we take a break from the outside world and patiently expect His healing, knowing full well we live under His protection and reign. At this same time, our minds are fully open to any teaching the Holy Spirit has prepared us to receive. And although we do not meet these situations with elation and excitement, we have come to realize that it is during these unique situations, where we will intimately learn new aspects of King Jesus and His private reign within us as He ministers to us. Hours later, and sometimes even days later, how profoundly beautiful it is when the Holy Spirit shows us what has “really happened.” By our deepening relationship with Jesus, every day the Holy Spirit has been able to diligently help change the environment within us. Our minds are no longer battling for control, our hearts now rule our minds and lead us as Abba’s Hands intimately hold it all the while we are continuously coated by King Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood which runs through these living temples of His. A true, profound healing often overlooked and more often than not, not even recognized, has taken place within us: we no longer see things as hopeless, nor insurmountable, nor even recurrently annoying issues, instead, we are Divinely reminded that as we enter into each new experience, good or bad, we enter them with no other expectations but His healing presence that will privately guide and sustain us through each and every experience and encounter. What depth of beauty and nourishment we are able to draw from as we now see new levels involved in Jeremiah 29:11 – ‘For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.’ What an amazingly profound way Abba uses these unexpected situations to deliver miraculous results all because we choose to be more aware of Jesus than anything else. Praise King Jesus, only through Him are we able to victoriously live each and every day here on earth. There is beauty within every aspect of our Abba’s protective ways, another richness to His glory clearly experienced and treasured by us, Praise King Jesus, His sweetness does sustain us!