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Abba loves us more than anyone else ever could, especially ourselves. In the past, we may have balked, groaned and become frustrated over the endless trials, struggles and hardships that were involved with the major storm composed of multiple little raging storms that we needed to go through. But it was during that long, drawn-out storm we learned how He wanted us to consciously and actively be more aware of Him than anything else. We had no where else to turn which caused us to cling to Him and that is when our lives began to radically change to living moment by moment in Him. At each step of the way we learned how He uniquely and profoundly shepherds us, and we got to know His voice during those times full of His teachings specifically geared towards our lives. Yes, those stormy days did have times where Abba specifically allowed the sun to shine and His beloved rainbow to cast over us, but all in all they were those threshing-floor days of stripping and cleansing where King Jesus showed us an endless depth to His actively thriving Sacrificial Blood which is always moving and coating us as we follow Him. The major storm also gave us the opportunity to experience the profound existence of being able to physically, mentally, and spiritually rest in His presence. And now, as we reside on the other side of that major storm and continue to be rebuilt in Him we realize that as we move forward there is another new quality to us. Abba has instilled His Divine protection within us over those specific areas that each and every storm targeted, which triggers us in the flesh to become even more protective over what we have been set free from and allows us to manifest His power and strength within our lives and be a part of His safeguarding techniques towards our future. Praise King Jesus, what power and strength He has blessed us with! Abba loves us more than we ever could because if we had a choice? We probably would have never entered that storm and allowed ourselves to go through those painful, hard to digest years. Years used to uniquely unite us to our reigning King, preparing us to live for an eternity in the Great I Am’s glory! Praise King Jesus, all glory and honor unto the Lord our God. Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigns!