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Protection Series #12 ~ The Secret Awareness of Protection:

With persevering patience, U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Reid Tabor (aka Slip) has always been a man of action:  moving forward, shifting backward, and halting as the Lord leads him to, not the government.  Privately strengthened and nourished within by his Savior, Reid’s self-control and self-discipline have always been an innate part of him which allowed Abba to uniquely establish a Divine sense of timing within him.  But being motionless is unfamiliar territory to him because even when he had been called to halt in the past, he was still active.  Although it is physically and mentally uncomfortable, Reid’s heart beats with remembrance that Abba loves him more than anyone else ever could, and through the quietness of His presence, he finds himself only able to trust his limitless Abba to secure His will within his life.  Especially when it comes to the one, very intriguing woman Reid has been tasked to secretly watch over for the last few years.

Ella Strickland, a government scientist whose work is concentrated on discovering and improving the protective equipment used by the Secret Service, is privately and diligently led by her Shepherd.  Unbeknownst to her, Abba’s creations through her are profoundly shocking and dangerously sought after, but having already been on her Abba’s beloved threshing floor for several years, she will not be robbed of enjoying every moment of the process He is specifically using to build her back up in Him.  Her dependency unflinchingly remains in King Jesus, who reminds her it is all about God’s glorious grace, and with diligent help from the Holy Spirit her eyes and ears will soon be sensitive to always expect the unexpected.

May you continue to become more aware of Jesus than anything else as the Holy Spirit privately instructs you and Abba oversees the path before you. Praise King Jesus for each and every one of you! :) Thank you for reading.

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