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The patience He has diligently worked to instill within us, through our discipline and cooperation, has been astounding. And as a result, one of the amazing things we are beginning to learn a new depth of is His reigning quietness, full of rich instruction. In the past, His quietness may have been wrongly looked at, or wrongly interpreted but as we decided to trust only in Him and not in what we were actually experiencing, the Holy Spirit was able to do astounding things within us. We’ve miraculously changed. His quietness? Well now, it is a time where we are reminded that no words need to be spoken; a time where we are reminded that there is limitless communication between He and us; a time where our current thoughts regarding a current or recurrent issue are under our control and we must firmly stop them, and no longer allow them to be repeated over and over again, nor be painfully rehashed. His quietness is a break away from all other noise, allowing our minds to be reminded of where our heart and mind firmly reside: in His presence, under His reign and actively in His Hands. The Holy Spirit uniquely and privately nourishes us in a way that helps us to enjoy His reigning quietness and value the moment at Hand. His quietness gives us a unique sense of confidence and assurance in Him as it actively calms our minds, settles our emotions and feelings, and strengthens our hearts because in that moment we are reminded that nothing needs to be done, except to enjoy and experience His blessed quietness. His quiet environment profoundly teaches us: words contain power only through His direction, and actions contain power only through His direction, and every single thing regarding us remains completely and wholly, all in His Hands! Praise King Jesus.