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The Great I Am, the Creator of all things is GREATER than all things…
The Holy Spirit takes this truth and intimately plants it within these limited, living temples of Abba as we actively live in Jesus. It is nourished and fortified from deep within us while we go through the ups and downs of life on earth with King Jesus, and most times we are not even aware of it. Through each and every trial, obstacle, problem, issue, frustration, achievement, challenge, success, smooth step, healing, victory and gift we privately learn we can only truly trust our Shepherd, our reigning King. As overcomers we actively stand tall on our knees beneath our reigning Shepherd and we breathe sweetly and freely by the very Breath of the Great I Am, while our blood sings praises as it mixes with His, the Sacrificial Blood of the Lamb allowing us to now firmly, unshakably know that nothing is done without Abba’s knowledge. Nothing is outside of His reach. Our minds finally remain steadfastly behind our strengthening, swelling hearts intimately held and molded by our Abba’s diligent Hands while we begin to actively expect the unexpected. Things no longer seem insurmountable because His will is what we crave and are now fully satisfied with. We are experiencing a shifting and changing mindset that can only be specifically done by our loving Creator as we actively follow our Shepherd through this world and beyond, under His reign. Praise King Jesus.