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Our specific path, uniquely different in so many ways, is full of dips, turns, valleys, straightaways, and even temporary roadblocks. It is a path that requires continuous maintenance by the Holy Spirit as King Jesus intimately shepherds us on it. And as our relationship with Him deepens, we profoundly learn that while becoming more independent from the “world,” we have become more dependent upon Abba, which is an essential part of how we are able to victoriously live in His limitless ways while still living in a limited world. We also learn another protective characteristic of Abba during those deeply intimate moments when the Holy Spirit guides our minds forward and yet, at the same time, infuses it with remembrances from when our relationship with King Jesus wasn’t very deep. He shows us the multiple layers of ourselves, which had once unknowingly been barriers between us and Him, but have now been removed. A process that had left us openly exposed to our reigning King, allowing Him to begin revealing our true identities in Him; identities that we are still newly discovering. And although those layers were eradicated, and we have been radically changed and healed, we cannot help but sometimes be aware of certain characteristic traits that are still sometimes active within us. I am speaking about those character traits like stubbornness, and unrelenting determination. Those things that may have even at one time defined us, through infancy, childhood and even up to adulthood, and traits that we did all we could to do away with them. However, although they are characteristic traits that may have at one time hindered us, they are now a thing of mind-boggling proportions because although they are not often seen, nor expressed due to our rigid and strengthened self-control and discipline, they sometimes passionately come out when we least expect them to, but yet, deeply need them to. Yes, those barrier layers were eradicated, but certain aspects of them have been deeply cleansed, Divinely nurtured and restored in ways only our Creator can. And because the Holy Spirit reminds us to not allow our own minds, nor hearts to condemn us any longer, King Jesus is able to reveal to us, that while under His reign those same characteristic traits are properly used when they are Divinely needed during those certain, precarious situations we will sometimes find ourselves in. The use of them actually helps to manifest His reign and keep His position secure within every portion of our lives, while at the same time, safeguarding us mentally and spiritually through each new encounter, situation, and opportunity. As we actively embrace King Jesus, He guides us into being able to actively embrace our uniquely born traits, which are now nurturing fuel, Divinely intermingled with the very breath of the Great I Am. The Great I Am’s diligence in preserving unique things about us reveals another aspect of ourselves that is uniquely precious and a joy to Him. Which also reveals, we were within His mind, even before we even physically existed. Praise King Jesus!