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Under Abba’s sheltering Hand, in King Jesus’ reigning presence, and with the comfort of the Holy Spirit we actively learn our well-being matters to the Great I Am. Nothing is too great, nor too small, all things greatly matter to Abba, the Creator of ALL things. In His well-balanced maintenance, we bow to His utterances, His impressions and His diligence while He instructs us through each process we are brought through, including the proper care of our bodies, these living temples of Abba. And as a result, we are able to see the safeguarding techniques embedded within each process. His private safeguarding techniques ensure our trust lies only on Him, and not on definitive results, nor knowledge and wisdom of what we are going through, nor even the answers to the reasons, or thoughts of why. Our trust relies only on Him. And despite our best efforts in regularly maintaining these living temples of Abba’s while under His Divine direction, things happen, things deteriorate, things need revitalized and things need specialized care. There are consequences to all free-will choices, and we do live in a deteriorating, limited world. However, as we intimately trust in Him, we are able to see the Divine networks He instills for us, in the flesh, to help in physically maintaining our well-being as it is needed, while all we really do, within, is intimately cling to King Jesus, embrace the Holy Spirit’s comforting instruction and rest in Abba’s will. It is He, who is our Sole Provider because we have intimately realized we cannot truly live without actively living in King Jesus and by the Breath of God, the Great I Am. Praise King Jesus!