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Be prepared to see a new depth to Slip, something you may not have normally thought about, nor even considered. As in all of God’s beloved creations, there is a depth to all things, including ourselves, and others. And so that you are not overly shocked, just be forewarned, because you may not be expecting to see the deepness of him, in full-on work mode. In the past you have only basically seen the “on the surface only” side of him, as he generally “slipped” in and out of previous novels, fueling on the laughter and then slipping out only to show up again to “chaperone,” or to correct a few things that needed correcting, as well as starting up his own laughs. But now, endearingly so, in Protection Series #12, you will get a very unique opportunity to really get to know him. And, let me tell you, WOW, I was thoroughly shocked as the Holy Spirit walked me through this story of Slip’s, while King Jesus allowed it to be unfolded on the computer, and WoW, our limitless Abba, He oversaw it all, very prominently in fact! The Holy Spirit had to actually remind me how, in the previous books, each time a CAT guy gets his own book, you really get to know him, and see him in how they really are, how their minds think and their unity with their Shepherd, which is not all fun and games; especially when it becomes very personal! And unlike the others, as you may remember, Slip has a very unique and profound, God-given authority, which the flesh has had no choice but to fully recognize and accept, because of King Jesus intimately Shepherding him in and out of things. And as you will see, his true personality in taking things that he is an active part of, especially in work, very seriously, and strictly held under strict obedience, is the very reason why Abba was able to gift him with that type of authority. I just didn’t want you to be thoroughly shocked and unable to fully appreciate who he really is, in Abba. :) It is a beautiful reminder, in how we all are so unique that only the Holy Spirit can properly maintain a healthy balance within us, bringing in laughter, joy and seriousness in how we need it to be brought in, preserved and molded by our King Jesus’ Hands; revealing just who we are in Him. Only Abba, the Great I Am, can preserve our personalities as we go through all we go through, and WOW, what freedom in knowing only Abba, our Creator, truly knows us and deeply loves us!!! We are all uniquely different, and wonderfully made! Praise King Jesus!!! Just 2 more weeks! ;)