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God, the Great I Am, provides us with His joy, His physical and spiritual nourishment, His strength, His unfailing hope, the Truth, His never-ending promises, His unfailing love, His faithfulness, His Breath (the Holy Spirit), and even the historical records of the future ending of this limited world, and He also provides us with His Life. He shattered the limits surrounding our limited, human minds regarding the limited life we were basically born understanding, and deeply healed us by providing us with the knowledge, and certainty, of eternal life, His Life. God even provides us with the glorious rainbow when light, a reminiscent of Jesus, shines upon the stormy rains, to remind us of His unbreakable promise to never again destroy the earth by a flood. It is a breathtaking, physical symbol of His Glory, His beauty, holiness and perfection designed to remind us of how faithful and trustworthy He is, despite the span of time. Those specific colors, and the order in which they appear, are also encased in the very essence of what we physically see as light (white light). They were strategically ordered and placed so that they could physically provide us with our basic need of light, as well as physically reveal to us the vital importance of Light, His Guiding Light. On a deeper level, the miraculous rainbow physically reminds us intimately, and individually, that He sees us and our tears matter greatly to Him. The Great I Am sees and is aware of every tear we privately shed, which is then turned into something beyond beauty all because He shines down upon us and actively graces us with His presence. Such precision, and a testament to His unfailing faithfulness and deeply abiding love for each of us! There is a depth to all things, including the simplicity of light, because of who our Sole Provider is. Praise King Jesus, we spiritually flourish and physically thrive all because we choose to actively recognize, embrace, love, and deeply desire, all of the Great I Am, our Sole Provider, the Creator of ALL things! Praise King Jesus: all glory and honor unto the Lord our God, Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigns!