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Acceptance of His Love nourishes our minds to eradicate the limits we “naturally” place on it, keeps us grounded in our Savior’s cross seeing all things through the Sacrificial Blood of the Lamb, heals our sorrows, softens the harsh effects of every day life on earth, seals our feet to be embedded within the steps of our reigning King Jesus, and it guides His Hand to nudge our thoughts back towards God’s passionate, unfailing, faithful presence actively dwelling within us. Our Creator’s actively passionate Love protects His peace and joy already established within us, while it secures our ability to continue to fully breathe in the freedom of His protection as our physical eyes continue to see the various destructive ways of the enemy manifesting in the flesh. His piercing, all-encompassing Love ensures we lack nothing, but gain everything we could ever truly need. And it reminds us that only our reigning King Jesus can actively shepherd us on the path ahead as we are intimately nourished by Abba’s Love.