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Hardships, difficulties, issues, problems, irritations, despite the level of severity they all uniquely have one thing in common: they openly expose what True Hope is not. It is not fleeting, nor something we grasp, nor wait for physical things to change in order for it to appear. It is not positive thoughts laboriously planted within our minds, it is not in our circumstances, nor on a particular outcome, test result, nor even on each other. Hope is not limited, nor is it fleeting, nor is it in short supply. As we choose to actively dwell with our reigning King Shepherd, the Holy Spirit comforts us through Truth and intimately shows us what Hope truly is. Hope is actively and continuously in existence, it is flowing, thriving, a sweetly tender provision which specifically nourishes and instills His joy into our current moment and into our tomorrow. Hope specifically targets and annihilates the doubts because we know Who He is and praise and worship Him. Hope is King Jesus actively wiping our tears before we can ask it of Him as we instantly turn in to Him, it is the Holy Spirit nourishing our weaknesses, setting to right what is wrong within us, healthily balancing our minds, releasing limitless wisdom and knowledge each and every time we need it. Hope continuously has His arms around us while the very Breath of the Great I Am encourages us and teaches us how to enjoy each moment for what the moment has been created to be by Him, our Abba, our lovingly compassionate and merciful Creator, our Sole Provider!