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Weaknesses: they may be emotional, our past, thoughts, physical, spiritual, and even our heart achingly vulnerable. Only King Jesus can effectively uncover our weaknesses as the Holy Spirit prepares us to accept and receive His Healing to them. A very unique healing that actually privately intensifies them to the point that Abba intimately and uniquely preserves and safeguards them within us, intimately revealing what matters to us matters to Him while we remain led by our King Shepherd and not by them. The Holy Spirit diligently guides us to know and understand our Abba’s voice reigning within us through the vital responses to our weaknesses. Of course, these responses can’t be anymore different. In response to our weaknesses, God wholly and deeply strengthens us from the very root, a root often times unknown due to the pebbles and dust particles that have gotten in the way, but that is why King Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith as we diligently trust and place Him first in all things. But the prince of this world preys on our weaknesses often times through rational, cordial, “makes sense” kinds of things designed to fuel the heartstrings, fuel the fears, fuel the guilty feelings, fuel the sympathetic and goodwill emotions (the endless list continues). Firing it all up to be more than what it is as well as providing a solution for it which inadvertently may physically strengthen us for a moment, but spiritually weakens us even more. Thereby over time, also physically weakening us. As Overcomers, only our reigning King Shepherd can intimately guide us victoriously through the valley of the shadow of death. In full, hard to digest understanding, there will not be unity on earth, nor will there be a physically reigning peace, that is, not until Abba spiritually and physically sends Yeshua Hamashiach during the massive waste that the main enemy has intimately guided man into doing where lawlessness and self is a priority.