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Abba is Who our hearts intimately praise while our minds soak up His Holy Word, causing our physical hearts to actually beat to the tune of His tenderness. Things of this world no longer have the ability to nourish us without His presence encouraging them to. His mercy is incomprehensible to the enemy, but it is a vital nutrient within our Divinely strengthened minds. His compassion is a richness we are able to intimately partake of while His sweetness continuously sustains us. What we have faced, our Abba has created; what we experience, our Abba has created; what we endure, our Abba has created; what we will be led towards, our Abba has created. All things have been created by Him and through Him, and nothing will be allowed to prosper against us despite what we may physically see, hear, and even experience, through ailments, or even through things as a result of other people’s wrong free-will choices. So why do doubts, uncertainty, hopelessness, and waves of nausea often attack us whenever our thoughts wrongly think towards the future of what we may have to experience or go through? Because Abba is not within those thoughts, He is within the current moment at-Hand, with us. Communing with us, holding us, and nourishing us, and He will continue to be as we enter into each new moment at-Hand; for tomorrow has already been taken care of, by Him. Thoughts are spiritual, and the enemy will use them against us, but greater is He that is within us than he that is within the world. Praise King Jesus, our Father deeply desires for us to passionately cling to Him, for only He is all-present, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving.