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Actively living under the forgiving strength of King Jesus allows us to digest hard to digest Truth when it comes to our own lives within the flesh. We are safeguarded under His forgiveness which allows the Holy Spirit to instruct us in a deeper way when we wrongly respond to others, to situations, circumstances, and even when we wrongly become accusers, ourselves. While at the same time, we are also able to be intimately instructed in other people’s responses to us, as well as their unsuspecting rudeness and even their lack of understanding. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness, principalities and kingdoms not of God. However, as we remain clinging to Abba, we intimately dwell with Him within a locked garden, which allows us to be able to more fully receive His provision, intimately know, recognize and accept His compassionate discipline and partake of the richness of His Glory in every situation, circumstance, and throughout any relationship we have. These painful learning situations are crucial in developing a deeper relationship with Abba, and by our response in wanting Him above all else, we are not only able to begin seeing the unforeseen coldness of other people’s reactions, but also our own, along with the ability of unsuspecting, unintentional bitterness to be able to rage within a simple look, a tiny word, a comment, and even a slight, barely there action from not only other people’s hands, but also our own. But alas, King Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood richly cleanses us and the Holy Spirit further instructs us as we go forward and refuse to respond in how we once did, and instead, respond in a healthy, Kingdom thriving way under Abba’s guidance. He rectifies all things for us while we become awed by one of the most profound, simply said truths King Jesus, Himself, spoke of: ‘And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou Me good? there is none good but One, that is, God.’ (Mark 10:18) Praise King Jesus, only God is good and you are His pearl of great price!