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His actively loving, profound presence dwelling within us, at our free-will request, actively and daily cleanses us by King Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood so that we may remain in a deeper relationship with Abba, Himself. It is not about where you are, but where Abba is. His sovereignty allows us to confidently stand against the growing anti-God climate; His sovereignty allows us to confidently smile through all trials, issues and tribulations the enemy attempts to slam against us, all the way down to even when the enemy’s workmen’s very subtle, barely-there maneuvers tries to sway our thoughts; His sovereignty causes our voices to loudly rejoice and become the healing balm in a harsh, darkening world as we actively thrive and flourish under our King Shepherd’s Hand regardless of any climate we find ourselves in; His sovereignty allows us to intimately see Him before we experience any spiritual battle as He intimately guides us through each and every one of them; His sovereignty establishes who we are and where He is. His sovereignty intimately reveals a new depth into His passionate desire to actively move within the Fatherly role within our lives and King Jesus’ Sacrificial Flow allows that to manifest within us. May your heart, nor your thoughts never wrongly condemn you because it is not about where you are, but all about where He is, actively dwelling within you! Praise King Jesus: ‘O Praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise Him, all ye people. For His merciful kindness is great toward us: and the Truth of the Lord endureth for ever, Praise ye the Lord.’ (Psalm 117) ‘God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in Truth.’ (John 4:24)