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It is not about what we lack, but Who He is. Abba has designed us to receive His intimate guidance which profoundly nourishes His patience within us while we, with our spiritual arms continuously held wide open, continuously pour out our hearts to Him. Only King Jesus can actively shepherd us within Abba’s will as His victory protectively seals us in diligent ways so intricate that each one becomes a profound safeguarding technique in and of itself, both spiritually and physically. As we rely fully on Abba in supplying all of our needs, each day ensures that we are transformed by the very Breath of the Great I Am as our lives declare His glory and our decisions clearly rest under the reign of King Jesus. Whatever we may individually lack is simply an area where He will vitally heal and fill, as He instructs us on how to victoriously reign within His intimate presence, which then overflows into our physical lives as we privately choose to dwell with an active awareness of Abba’s Sovereignty. Even if our physical eyes only encounter death and destruction, spiritually we are always mindful of His glorious presence within us. Where He intimately welcomes us, holds us, whispers to us, and allows us to vibrantly see that He wants us to always be thriving and flourishingly well. Regardless of whatever is physically happening, every moment is a moment to profoundly praise Him all because of Who He is, which then profoundly replaces the once massive cares that strived to take up residence within our minds for tiny issues easily blown away by the Wind of God, the Holy Spirit, as He intimately fills our minds and smiles at us with His all-encompassing Love for us. It is a very intimate and private experience that effectively transforms every moment into becoming victorious moments while we profoundly praise Him!