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Circumstances happen, issues and problems rise up, and we, of course, are affected by them. And in some instances, they relentlessly batter against us in every possible way: mentally, physically and spiritually. However, because we actively choose to reside under our reigning King Jesus, embracing His authority, we are able to recognize even the slightest shift or change away from the peaceful environment that exists within us. The issues, problems and pressures simply push us more intimately into Him as our eyes lovingly gaze upon Him. And through the Holy Spirit’s instruction, it is clear to us that the issues, nor even the resulting affect of them, is no longer leading us, nor do they falsely equip us, nor do they really even carry much weight within our lives anymore. For we know all will be well and set to right if it is going awry, or is imbalanced. We know this not because we are hoping to receive certain answers or the solutions we desire to have, nor even because we are anticipating on receiving and watching a specific outcome to come to pass, but only because our gaze is radically fixed upon the Great I Am, and we now know Him, our compassionately loving Abba. And likewise, we intimately know His gaze is upon us as His Breath sustains us and His will, will always come to pass while King Jesus fortifies us and builds us up in His Truth. These specific times of added pressure, added issues, problems and sometimes even uncomfortable circumstances are simply times of experiencing His profoundly delicate, healing touch and strengthening presence filling us and equipping us for the next moment at HisHand. Praise King Jesus, ‘The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.’ (Proverbs 18:10)