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One of the greatest spiritual weapons intimately and abundantly provided to us is something you may have never even imagined as an actual weapon – His Peace. Jesus’ authority operates and manifests out of the realm of peace. His peace strengthens our footing, actively reminding us that we are Abba’s treasured sons and daughters while also intimately shedding light on the attacks initiated by the enemy, the accuser. These attacks are meant to shift us out of His peace, causing us to flounder and to question our identities in King Jesus which is the very foundation of who we are. However, the attacks never amount to anything because King Jesus’ Blood actively coats us and diligently fortifies us in astounding ways, while protecting His hope that is actively flowing within and through us. His active peace specifically nourishes our mindsets and pulls from the depths of our hearts, rejoicing and praises all because of Who Abba, our Loving Father is, and nothing else; creating within us a full dependency on God, alone. His peace uniquely fortifies us in ways beyond our comprehension, but when we encounter situations that would normally crush even the strongest of people, we are able to very easily see how His perfect peace continuously heals us at every level, and is a manifestation of His safe haven in which we hide in while we patiently wait for Abba’s perfect timing in manifesting King Jesus’ victory into that situation. A victory that has already been won and is actively in place, and a victory that allows us to actively know that it is never by our strength that we do things, but always by His. His peace also intimately reminds us that there is nothing we need to think about, nor to ponder on, other than His gloriously reigning presence within us because at the slightest shifting away from that peace, the Holy Spirit reminds us to also nourish and safeguard it by obediently remaining still within, and knowing that He, alone, is God. Abba’s perfect peace is Who He is, and it is part of the manifestation of His presence within us while His perfect love intricately fills every fiber of our being. Chaos is disrupted when His peace is present, which then uniquely strengthens us to step forward in faith, to follow King Jesus’ lead when He guides us to reach out and help to set others free by initiating His healing within them, while also diligently doing all that He equips us and shepherds us to do because King Jesus’ authority in our lives operates through His peace. ‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Yahweh is everlasting strength.’ (Isaiah 26:3-4)