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The Lord has been holding me off on updating the status of this novel until now. Abba is finally giving me voice to explain what is now happening. Currently, He is leading me into writing more into Protection Series book #14 – Dwelling in the Fullness of Protection, before officially finishing off book #13, which is almost ready to be transferred into the editing stage. As most of you know, I have shared that He is very adamant with me in regards to theses books, and all things within my life, for He does not allow me to give what I have not yet received. And He explained to me, as the physical author (which allows me to see a uniquely rich depth about King Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our own Faith), I am to know the ending from the beginning; and there is something vital within the fullness of His protection that needs to be actively seen in order to fully finish the previous book of Him, as our Sole Provider. Which that, in and of itself, speaks volumes. ;) ‘He hath made every thing beautiful in His time: also He hath set the Word in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.’ (Ecclesiastes 3:11)