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When what Abba says and thinks matters above all else to us, we intimately can breathe in the freedom of His protection, celebrate His response to our praises of Him, embrace His provision which causes the unwarranted attacks to diminish into background noise. He keeps us upright when the attacks blast against our gut, stabs our heart and threatens to shake us in order to cause us to not only question, but to also stop us from what He does through us. Attacks simply allow Abba to fortify our minds in the knowledge that His grip on us is everlasting while King Jesus guides us into forgiving and praying for those who unknowingly, and knowingly, create havoc. Teaching us and showing us to self-discipline our own words, and creating in us a richly, passionate desire to ask Him daily for our thoughts, our actions, and our words to actively line up with the Holy Spirit. What He says about us, what He whispers to us, and what He releases to us matters more than anything in this temporary world. And His healing embrace, full of joy and hope filling us up from deep within, is more than we could have ever imagined and teaches us a depth on Him as our Comforter. So may our voices loudly proclaim His glory and celebrate His presence dwelling within us while He intimately reveals the layer of protection that what He does through us, provides. Praise King Jesus, He will always matter more to us, than anything else.