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Because of King Jesus, we are able to, through self-discipline and self-control, lay prostrate at Abba’s feet and gift our bodies as His living temple, which then becomes a Divine mindset that the Holy Spirit nurtures and fortifies. This allows Abba to show us a depth into the creation of these bodies which goes way beyond the flesh, and uncovers a uniquely intricate, Divine purpose of who we are in Him. Each limb, each bone, each muscle, each ligament, each organ, each cell, and every fiber of this living temple is placed under King Jesus’ reign, and under Abba’s will. However, similar to when Israel went into battle and never knew what the outcome would be, or how they would fight and overcome their enemies, each new ailment, break, tear, fracture, issue, problem and frustration causes us to first turn to Him within for guidance, healing, and fortifying; and despite their similarities, He always takes us through different paths in the healing of each of them. But by going through each experience we are able to see how every portion of the journey becomes a vital part in the process of drawing us closer to our passionately loving Abba, while also allowing us to clearly see the separation between the spirit and the flesh, realizing that our identities are not based on these bodies, what we do on earth, or what we accomplish, but instead it is only ever based on Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The painful ailments and injuries are skirmishes where we intimately learn the precious value of a moment: the moment He rises within us to wipe our tears, minister to our floundering minds, the brush of His Hand sheltering our pain, His voice commanding our bodies to go to sleep without us even knowing, His presence ushering in His peace, or the brush of His Hand uncovering a new portion of the fully cleansed, richly nourished new mindset He has established within us. The portion that expectantly waits for His goodness to be uncovered within our lives despite what the circumstances or issues might be. This portion can only be revealed, experienced and known when we actively go through those painful times. And similar to those ancient battles of Israel, each issue within these living temples of His combines to tell of the miraculous journey He is walking us through, while unveiling portions of Who He is and His unfailing faithfulness specifically towards each of us, individually. Eternity isn’t waiting to start, the Great I Am, our Abba, is eternity, and we are His and He is ours. ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.’ (Psalm 34:19) ‘And the LORD is the one who is going ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not desert you or abandon you. Do not fear and do not be dismayed.’ (Deuteronomy 31:8) Praise King Jesus!