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In establishing His patience within our lives, our King Shepherd has led us through many trials, frustrations and experiences where we have had to learn that only King Jesus truly knows how to actively live in victory: both physically and spiritually. And as a result, we now continuously cling to Him because we have actively learned that His Way is the Only Way. Obediently waiting on Him to inspire us, move us forward, sift through our thoughts, and to speak that which needs to be spoken, in the moment it needs to be voiced, reveals miraculous events that has uncovered a depth of safeguards Abba has in place in order to keep our future completely out of our wavering hands and securely in His. It also allows us to experience a vital, deepening reliance on the Holy Spirit which strengthens our faith, intensifies our awareness of Him, and heals our spiritual eyes and ears in allowing us to engage in the fullness of our Abba’s will for our lives. This unique, healing dimension of patience uncovers a rare example of His protective love that is so rich and powerful, it is unheard of, and at the same time shows us just how protective He is in securing His blessings towards us, because it allows Him to actively keep us turned towards His favor.