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Coming this year, in late Spring is Protection Series #13 – Protection’s Sole Provider!

A specific publishing date has yet to be determined, but here is a reminder about what is coming up:

Time has continued to pass, and miraculous changes have been made within U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Liam Lockman, of the CAT team. And amazingly, through all of the changes his deepening relationship with King Jesus has wrought, there has always been Brielle and her daughter Raine directly in the center of his heart. Immovable and unshaken, there they secretly stay. And yet, nothing in the flesh is nourishing this hope, nor revealing the possibilities of it ever coming to pass. Surely it is Abba, Himself, diligently preserving and nourishing the small flicker of awareness threatening to consume him. Nothing else can explain it!

Jesus Christ is her Savior, but at the same time, He is also way more than that to Brielle Peterson. Mere words cannot even begin to describe Him, nor their intimate relationship together. To do so would only limit Him somehow, and lessen the meaning, weakening the moment and pushing Him into simple letters and words designed for this world. He is the epitome of Life, itself. And while actively living under King Jesus’ reign doesn’t always line up with what she physically desires, which is an easier physical path, nor does it seem to always give her what her mind has sometimes begged to receive; instead, it is always far more detailed, far greater, and far more rewarding. An eternal blessing far greater than anything in the flesh, allowing her to experience the spiritual miracles of intimately uncovering and discovering Who, her Abba, her Creator, lovingly is.  Only You, Abba, truly knows what I need and provides!