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Hi! Stripped down bare, to the very root of it, I actively live under our reigning King Jesus (Yeshua Hamashiach) while He intimately nourishes my relationship with Abba, the Great I Am, Whose very Breath, the Holy Spirit (Ruach HakKodesh) intimately guides and comforts me through this journey on earth as well as safeguarding John 14:23 within me while I am physically here.

Under King Jesus’ reign, our physical blood is fortified with His blood, our heart beats within His commanding Hands, and our ears are attuned only to His Truth, while our mouth is under our Savior’s authority, and our eyes ache to only see Him.

I would love to hear from you. Comment below, or send me a private email at: PraiseKingJesus@andierenee.com! Feel free to also join me on MeWe: Andie Renee

Or twitter: @AndieRenee_

May you always be more aware of King Jesus than anything else!

In regards to the Protection Series, they are based on the United States Secret Service. And they may be really different from what you normally read, but I am hoping that you enjoy the uniqueness and interesting situations that they all find themselves in and how Jesus heals their ways and works in each of their lives.

I also hope that you can appreciate the unique family-oriented bond that this amazing agency actually has among its agents. They are not perfect, as no one is but Jesus, but they have always striven to be professional in all that they do. The very history of this agency is grounded in dignity, respect, and devotion to their assignments. They inevitably have formed bonds with presidents throughout the years. The best bosses I have ever had come from the service, they were men and women that you could count on in the time of need. They respected you, were there for you, and appreciated you as a member of the agency’s family. I was greatly blessed to be able to be a part of them in my lifetime.

*As led by the Lord, I try to make sure that my novels stay at an affordable price so everyone can afford them. The price I list them for is based solely on the size of the novel. My novels range from $1.99 to $3.99.*

21 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Sandra said:

    I just finished reading your wonderful book “A Step Beyond Protection” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, I cheered for the characters. I was amazed at the bond these guys had for each other. I totally loved everything in the book. I will be adding you as one of my favorite authors.


    • Oh Praise Jesus! Thank you so much for letting me know, Sandra! Praise Jesus! I actually laugh and cry myself when I’m writing… it is amazing how the Holy Spirit reveals the stories to me. Sometimes my characters actually do things that I never intended for them to do. I was able to experience the truth in the Bible that says that “Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.” I am so excited to hear from people that enjoy it as well! Thank you very much! Praise Jesus! Andie


  2. When I found one of your books, I knew I had to read them all. Thank-you for letting the Lord use you. I have read all of them that are published as of now and look forward to more in the future. I also enjoy your blog posts. They encourage me and make me grow in the Lord.


    • Awww…Praise Jesus, Sharon! Thank you so much for taking time out to let me know that, what beautiful encouragement for me! The Holy Spirit really amazes me as He walks me through these stories. ;o) Praise Jesus, may you experience Him in an amazingly deep way as He continues to lovingly speak to you!


  3. Joann Abernathy said:

    I would like to Thank You for writing these books I Love them. Last weekend got your new book and I am not done with it yet. I Thank God for your books you are helping me Thank You.

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  4. Joann Abernathy said:

    I have all of the from your Protection Series. I am looking for all the other ones to come out. I will keep all of them when they do come out. Thank you Joann


    • Oh Praise Jesus! I am so glad you are enjoying them!! :) The Lord truly amazes me in every single one of them, and how He leads me in writing them. I wait on Him, and He feeds me the stories, the writing, as well as the scriptures involved in each situation, as the situations are experienced by the characters. I learn so much under His guidance, and by writing them with Him. And when the characters do things I never intended for them to do, which has actually happened in all of the books, the Lord then teaches me a new depth in free-will choices, as well as reminding me He is omniscient and omnipotent, and only He can truly bring it all together. And I then get so excited and can’t wait to see how He makes it all unfold and come together! Thank you for your note & have a wonderful evening, Joann! :)


  5. Julie Giddings said:

    I have just got through re-reading all of the protection series again. There is something about these books that has me searching. For what, I’m not sure. Maybe a more personal connection to my Heavenly Father, yet I’m not sure that that is it exactly. I have loved every book and can not wait for the next one. I thank you for this series and for your obviously very personal and strong faith in Jesus, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit. May God continue to help you keep going forward in your writing.

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    • Praise Jesus! Amen!!!! Thank you so very much for letting me know your feelings! Amen!! What beautiful encouragement from you, the Lord has had me busy with the next one, and going back and forth between a few others. May the Lord intimately show you and instruct you in what He has you searching for as you continue to actively reside in His presence, moment by moment living in Jesus, being more aware of Him than anything else! Amen~let it be so! Thank you so much Julie, your words mean so much to me!! ;)


  6. I discovered your Protection Series over Christmas. I have been in a down period for the past year and I laughed more than I have laughed in over a year while reading about Drake and Raven. I couldn’t wait to get the rest of the series. When I read about Luc and Hannah it touched my heart so deeply that I just wanted to crawl into the group of characters and have that kind of relationships. More importantly the characters prayers and conversations have led me to a deeper relationship with my God. As you said. it won’t be like other books and I praise the Lord for you.

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    • Praise Jesus! Oh, Leigh! I have tears in my eyes of joy and thanksgiving!!!!! That is my deepest desire for all of the books the Lord writes through me, to guide His beloveds even closer to Him, so they may experience what He deeply desires them to in establishing, nurturing and developing that unique, specifically designed relationship between only them and Him!! And that is the type of relationships we should have with others, it is how we should openly fellowship with others about Him, keeping Him a priority in our lives!! Praise Jesus!!! All glory and honor unto the Lord our God, Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigns!!! Thank you, Leigh!!


  7. JoannAbernathy said:

    Miss Renee I would like to know when your next book for your Protection series coming out and the book about the air plan is coming out.

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    • Hi Joann, Protection #11 does not have an official publishing date yet, as it is still in the writing phase, but next Friday its book cover and description will be released. And the Holy Spirit has only been leading me to write in the Divine Line series and Protection series; only a few times has he led me back into writing in “Flying on a Greater Love.” I will let you know if He guides me deeper into that one! :) Thanks for reaching out to me and have a great evening!


  8. Are your books also available as printed books? I have a 19 year old grand daughter who has a rare form of Lupus and was also just diagnosed with a series heart condition. I would love to purchase the Protrction series for her. She struggles with “why me, God”. Can you recommend any of your other books that will help her in her life journey? Please pray for her, her name is Savannah Grace. ( Amazing Gracie to me). Thank you for your Protection Series. I am now on book #4. Thank you, Jesus and Andie for changing my own life for the better.

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    • Hi Jan! Well, they are not available in print form, the Lord has not opened up that doorway yet. I am definitely praying for her, and praying that she turns deep within to Jesus so the Holy Spirit may reveal to her the depth and profound truth that Abba loves her more than anyone else ever could. May she intimately decide to want Jesus more than anything else! I will ask Jesus which one He wants her to read and then I will respond again. Praise King Jesus, I am so thankful He has led you to these books that the Holy Spirit writes through me. Your message also lines perfectly up with my next devotion He is currently revealing to me and will lead me to post on this website and on facebook. I will be in touch! xoxo


    • Hi Jan, she is to skip all of the Protection Series and even the single ones and just go straight into the latest one, Protection Series #11: “The Driving Force Behind Protection” I will continue to pray for her, for the Lord prepare her so she may hear Him above the noise of even her own voice. May the Holy Spirit strengthen her so that she may intently focus only on Jesus and may Abba intimately reveal who she is in Him and that He is greater than ALL things!!! xoxo Andie


  9. Jan Bolton said:

    You are my all times favorite author..I love to read and re-read all your books. Praise King Jesus that He has given you such an awesome gift of writing and imparting His wisdom. Thank you for always listening to His guidance and writing what He wants you to write, when He wants you to write it. Love you girl.
    Jan & Steven

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    • WoW, I am speechless!!! Praise King Jesus, all glory and honor unto the Lord our God. Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigns! It amazes me you re-read them. Praise King Jesus, may Abba intimately reveal new things He wants you both to personally know, each and every time. Xoxo love you, too Jan and Steven!


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