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May your daily prayer be to fall even deeper in love with Jesus and for an awareness of not grieving the Holy Spirit so that you will let Him draw you ever so closer to your Savior as your prayer is being answered. When you pray for this, and once the Holy Spirit reveals a little of the amazing journey because of your sacrifices, you find that you want to stay where Jesus is no matter what needs to change in your life because you are loving Jesus more than whatever your desires are, or what is tempting you in this world. It is not so much your doing, as it is your receiving while Jesus is providing you with the victory over your selfishness. You also find yourself radically self-disciplining your mind and physical life as the Holy Spirit conforms you to who you are in Christ, and reveals to you your beautifully specific identity to God. That radical self-disciplining is supernatural and goes against all things “natural” in this world. What a powerful, supernatural life you are truly living from now to eternity.  It will only increase because our God is a God of increase, not decrease! Oh, how you are loved by your Heavenly Father! Cling to Jesus, thereby you are clinging to everything you will ever need! May your day be wonderful because of Jesus~Shabbat Shalom  :o)