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Let us pray that fear & worry become strangers to us! They should be because our Heavenly Father commands us all through His Holy Word to not fear, nor worry!  He loves us so much and so perfectly that it makes no sense to fear! But do you know what the amazing thing is? God knows we cannot overcome this spirit of fear without Him; wow how that confirms that He wants to be with us continuously and wants a deeper relationship with us. Let the Holy Spirit draw you in deep, as He reveals that fear & worry are spiritual things not of God. (See: 2 Timothy 1:7 & then 1 John 4:16-18) Cling to Jesus, turn to Him in all things, allow Him to be Lord of your life in ALL areas and you will be amazed by the victory that is revealed in this area. When your body is attacked from the familiar strikes from fear and worry, self-discipline your mind to instantly turn to Jesus & Praise Him, separating from your body as it is attacked. Let your loving worship ring forth while the Holy Spirit commands it to leave you~wow what a Supernatural life you now live in all because you allowed Him to actually be Lord of your Life! Praise Jesus & may you have a wonderful, powerful day~in Jesus! :o)