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May you find that Jesus is truly enough for you. Others may not understand, they may be looking for the “right words” to heal, speak or say, or the “right actions” that will inevitably set people free from bullies, dangerous situations, problems, or the harsh realities of life in this world. But Praise Jesus because of your deepening relationship with Him the Holy Spirit leads you to a place in Him that you find that He is truly all you need. His name alone stands for Victory, healing, power, strength, security…the only Savior. The only one that can be your true helpmate and lead you into all truth is Jesus, and all by His loving Holy Spirit. You are bridged back to God and may you be stunned that you actually now have the true answer to all problems because in you, you hold the “right words” to heal, speak or say, the “right actions” that will set people free from all negativity and that name is JESUS! Help others by bringing their focus back where it needs to be~on Jesus! Oh, how He loves you! May you have a wonderful day~in Jesus! ;o)