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Amazingly, True Freedom can only be found when you make a beautiful free-will choice by giving your free-will, along with the independence that you have obtained growing up in this world, back to God, your Heavenly Father, your Creator and become completely dependent on Him. He gave you Jesus so when you cling to Him, your “religion” will turn into what it was originally meant to be, a relationship with Him. Then Jesus prepares you to receive His precious Holy Spirit to guide you and connect you to Him while you are on your earthly journey so that He may prepare you for eternity in Him (He doesn’t want another disobedient, Garden of Eden to happen again). This truth is the complete opposite of what our earthly, limited minds tell us about having to be independent in order to have freedom. But hadn’t the Apostle Paul experienced the beautiful freedom of God while in captivity? True Freedom is not limited to your physical environment, nor circumstances; True Freedom can only be found when you are completely dependent upon God. Only your Creator knows what you truly need, not even you know. And He even wants to give you more than what you think you want. May you boldly go against the “worldly mindset” and give up your independence so that you may grasp full dependency on God and thereby experience True Freedom as the Holy Spirit reveals it specifically in your life. Praise Jesus~Oh, how your Abba loves you! Shabbat Shalom! :o)