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May we live boldly by wanting and craving discipline from our Heavenly Father.  Because of Jesus and His victory as He lived on earth and at the cross, there is no more condemnation on us, there is peace between God and us.  However, our Abba (Heavenly Father) is so precious, so perfect, so wonderful that there are things about our sinful body & thoughts, situations, and environment that require His Divine discipline.  We are covered in Jesus’ blood so that does make us righteous in God’s eyes (in right standing with Him).  But He wants more for us, He wants an intimate, deeper relationship with us.  He wants us to be able to fully receive from Him, His healing, His love, His comfort, His peace (the list goes on) so that He can live unhindered in our presence to prepare you for eternity.  That means He needs to cleanse us & deal with every part of our lives.  God is so thorough, He wants to straighten your way, turn your wrong to right, your spiritual blindness to seeing, your confusion to understanding (the list goes on).  Doing this is truly making Jesus Lord of your life.  In days past, didn’t the earthly kings or lords discipline their subjects to keep them living peacefully in the kingdom? May the Holy Spirit fill you with strength in order to be able to boldly live for Jesus and pray for God’s Divine discipline! May you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus. Shabbat Shalom! :o)