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Trying to “fit” God into every aspect of your life is not actively following Jesus. That is living without power, you will waste precious energy and time, and you will get burnt out super quick. You can also cause blocks & strongholds that are not of God in your life and it will come between you and Him. Instead, let your soul/mind cry out to Jesus, actively seek Him first, read His Holy Word (& learn more about Him), give Him an opportunity to “show up” in you. Then have patience and let God “fit” you into Jesus. This takes time, but from the very moment of you actively turning to Jesus and desiring this, things start changing. Your focus will start to seek Jesus first in all things, including the beginning of the day, you will learn to obey God and His Divine discipline, then God will also release the very breath of Him, the Holy Spirit, into your body giving you power and strength to continue in your new life. The radical changing is different for everyone, but God knows how to communicate with you better than anyone else; trust Him. You will start to say things, do things, & look at things that are so unlike the “old you.” You will find that God’s “fit” for you is perfect, you will be living in Jesus; thereby living in the shelter of God’s protection! May you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus! :o)