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It can be so frustrating and upsetting to keep “reacting” in situations instead of “acting” as led by Jesus. But you must remember that we aren’t perfect, we do make mistakes. As you are reminded of your weakness & mistakes, may you also be reminded of how important it is to understand this problem in others. May you be more accepting & forgiving as others do this to you. From the moment you ask Jesus for forgiveness, you are forgiven. May we likewise do that with our friends and family, even if they don’t ask because they may not even be aware of the havoc they have created, or they may even enjoy the havoc. Either way may you be mature in Christ by forgiving them immediately, regardless if they ask it or not. When the reminders of their behaviors or reactions arise, mentally poor the blood of Jesus over it as you lay them again at the foot of the cross. May you release this victory of Christ in all of your situations so that He may continue to heal your path! May you have a wonderful day in Jesus! :o)