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May you self-discipline your mind to not accept stress, fear, nor worry. It is not a part of you, it is a full-fledged attacking spirit not of God. Train your body as a fine toned warrior of God by focusing your eyes to see Jesus, your ears to hear His whispers of encouraging love for you alone, your nose to breathe in the very breath of God (the Holy Spirit), your mouth to speak outwardly of your amazing testimony, and your arms stretched out & up to worship God as He bends them and moves them to help you encourage others in their time of need while He fills your thoughts with those that need that. You are so secure & protected because you are finally living in Jesus, and filled with God’s strength, not your own.  You are no longer living in this world “just trying to get to Heaven” you are an overcomer waiting to go home and be reunited physically with your soul mate, your Savior.  May you have a beautiful day all because of Jesus! :o)